The Interfaith Hospitality Network



Host congregations provide lodging, three meals daily and welcoming care. Hosting services rotate weekly among the host communities within the Interfaith Hospitality Network.


IHN Family Day House

Guest families use our Family Day House from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM where our staff provides professional case management services for them. At the house families pursue employment and affordable housing, tend to preschool children, shower, and do laundry. The center provides our guests with a phone, mailing address, and base for housing and employment searches. Some guests are employed during the day and older children attend school.


Social Service Agencies

Local social service agencies refer families to Family Promise. These agencies may also work with our case managers to help guests find housing, jobs, and benefits.



The Family Promise van is available daily to transport guests to and from the Family Day House, and we have a fleet of donated vehicles we loan to guests with valid Driver's Licences to help them work towards self-sufficiency.  Weekly, a separate truck carries modular beds to the next host community.


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Community Care - Transitional Housing


Families that have achieved a level of stability from the support of our Interfaith Hospitality Network but may be facing additional financial or personal obstacles before being able to successfully move into the open housing market are eligible for up to an additional six months of reduced cost housing and case management support.


Through our partnership with The Sisters of St. Francis, Family Promise currently has two homes dedicated to our Community Care Transitional Housing program. We expect to add additional houses and/or apartment units over the coming year.


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The (Community) Family Day Center


A collaboration of Family Promise and Catholic Charities scheduled to launch as a Pilot Project summer 2015


Facing homelessness doesn’t just mean finding a place to sleep at night. It also means finding a place to do the things you need to do during the day: search for a new place to live, hunt for a job, get groceries, pick up your kids from school — the things every parent does.


But how do you do that without a safe place for you and your children during the day?


This family-friendly environment supports families who are experiencing homelessness by giving them a safe place during the day where they can access services that help them move out of crisis.


It is a one-stop center that coordinates with other agencies to assess and intake families so they can find shelter, resource referrals and practical help to support their return to healthy community living.


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