We have continuing needs for cleaning items:
Laundry detergent, Lysol, cleaning wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, household cleaning supplies, etc.

Our families have continuing needs for:

Diapers, diaper cream, baby powder, disposable silverware/cups/plates, etc.

We always appreciate donations of gift cards to Walmart, Target, and Grocery stores.  We provide gift cards to families to celebrate their successes in our programs, as well as to help them "stock" their new homes when they complete our programs. 

We always have need of reliable vehicles for our families to get to and from work, and foster their self-sufficiency.   See our "Donate" page for information on donating a car or van to Family Promise.

Last year Family Promise of Colorado Springs counted 17,181 hours of volunteer time from over 2,000 volunteers, including evening and overnight hosts, cooks and meal servers, Day House volunteers, clerical support, and board members.


Volunteers provide various services such as cooking and serving meals, playing with children or helping them with homework or interacting with guests, with respect and compassion.


Benefits for Volunteers

  • Opportunity to help families  experiencing homelessness directly to make a difference.

  • Wide range of volunteer activities to fit varying schedules and levels of commitment.

  • Opportunity for families to volunteer together.

For more information about volunteering time or services please contact Daniel Beilfuss at (719) 329-1244 or via email.



Family Promise  partners with many faith communities who provide night time space for guest families including warm, nutritious meals, a safe comfortable private place for sleeping, and volunteers who provide hospitality and activities.

Click here to find out more about the congregations currently participating in the IHN network.


Read the story of one of our hosting congregations


Benefits of IHN for Congregations

  • Opportunity for outreach ministry (within the congregation's own facilities) focusing on the needs of people in the community.

  • Opportunity for participation in a community interfaith project.

  • Increased sense of community among members as they work together in shared mission.

  • Catalyst for renewed faith and further mission effort.

  • By volunteering, parents are able to share their values with their children in an active non-preaching manner.